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No gym ? exercises at home.

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live".
  -Jim Rohn.

Hello.. everyone..!
are you aware that your fit or not or just trying to be fit but still you aren't fit..
This would be mine first article in this blog related to topic of fitness. hope you all like it.
let's start..!
Is it necessary to have a gym membership or to visit the gym to be fit & strong ?
what is your choice... let me know below in the comment section..!
so today's article is for them who wanna stay fit and strong, without going to gym or having gym membership.

Dumbbell Exercise 
Do you need a gym membership ?
You can workout from the comfort & convenience of your home, and you will have a lot of option beside hopping on stationary bike or treadmill.

What is term fitness ?
Fitness means being able to perform physical activity. it also means having the energy and strength to feel as good as possible. getting more fit, even a little bit, can improve your health and keeps your body strong & active. your heart, your brain, your entire body benefits from exercise. basically you have two choice to be fit i.e.
1) Yoga.
2) Physical Exercise.
lets understand both of the above term in short.

What is yoga ?
Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit and flexible, to improve your breathing and to relax mind.

What is Physical exercise ?
Physical exercise , is the physical exertion of the body making the body to do a physical activity which results in a level of physical fitness and mental health.

In today's article, we'll bust the exercise myths & ideas that will hold you back and help you set goals. use these tips to set up at-home exercise routine.

How to exercise or do yoga at home..!
  1. Choose a location - Designate a spot in your home for your workouts and yoga. choose an area where you feel comfort to spend time doing workouts and yoga. seeing your exercise or yoga place may inspire you to get up and move and you don't want to be out of sight & out of mind.
  2. Add some comfort- Add whatever is your favorite way to entertain yourself may be, get it ready to go, and then save it to enjoy during the workout. make a playlist of song you love.
  3. Buy the necessities- You don't need a lot of fancy machine or gear for doing the home exercise or yoga. under rs. 1000/- you can buy some basics stuff such as an exercise mat, stability ball, resistance bands and few dumbbells or make your own list based on what you want to do. what equipment's do you need to support your goals ?
  4. Make a reservation- When you do exercise or yoga at home, it's easy to let someone interfere. that's why it's especially important to have a set time to work out. find a time that feels best for you (may be in the early morning, or evening or after the dinner) to ensure your success. at the start of every week, look at your calendar and markup your workout or yoga.
  5. Use the web- Need an instructor ? check the web for online fitness classes for workouts & yoga. You can find exercise or yoga video also at most trending website "YouTube" also.
Physical Exercise

So all these were some of  points, were you can perform yoga or do exercise at home without going any gym. i will also give some advice for starting an exercise & yoga program because many of them start doing workouts and yoga and continue till some day's and then stop it in between.. even i was one of them were i started workouts in home then after a week i had stopped doing it. so this basically happens with 80% people's. so here is the advice how to keep your exercise & yoga program active.
when people start an exercise or yoga program, they may experience various emotions, from elation to anxiety about not being able to keep it up.

Remember the following tips to achieve long-term success:-
  • Remember why you started- People start exercising or doing yoga for many reason like weight loss, better health, to maintain fitness, to achieve their fitness or yoga skills goal, relax mind & body etc. keep remembering why you started as this will help to keep you motivated and helping to achieve long-term success.
  • Enjoy yourself- For long-term success, the activity has to be something you enjoy. there are so many activities to choose from. 
  • Be realistic about your goals- Some people are motivated by goals, other find them stressful. if you need goals to be achieve, make sure they are realistic and work towards them.

These all are the some advice to keep your routine workouts and yoga session continue for long time. remember starting it might find little hard to be active in continuations of workouts and yoga, but once it becomes habit you will yourself remove time to perform workouts & yoga.

so what are you waiting for... markup in your calendar and start your program and achieve your goals and stay fit & strong, physically as well as mentally.

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