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Wish you and your family a SPARKLING DIWALI.
Regards Sense Paradise (Sumeet Suryodhan)

And Diwali is here…!
If you’re Indian and a 80's or 90's child you probably also have fond memories of buying or being presented with new clothes for the occasion. It was undoubtedly yet another cherry or shall we say laddu on top of the firecracker laden Diwali cake. Squeaky clean homes and new outfits used to hold cultural significance for inviting good energies and creating a fresh start in every home as each family ushered in the Hindu New Year together. New threads might have lost their sheen in the process of getting older and becoming independent adults but are still very much a part of Diwali celebrations.

Obviously the ladies need no prodding when it comes to shopping but it’s usually the men who moan and groan at the thought of putting in the effort to buy new outfits.
Have you have been waiting for shopping Diwali festive? Are you planning the basic outfits? Hmm well let me tell you none of your relative or family member will be impressed by it for sure. You have to put some efforts in styling because Diwali comes once in a year and it should be all worth. I know the idea of going out clueless to shop ethnic outfit. Congratulation you have arrived on the page for the complete Diwali styling guide.

Here is a complete guide for men on Diwali outfit styling.
  • Ethnic Diwali outfits for men's.
    This occasion is not about styling yourself with denim and T-shirt or torn jeans. It’s a very special occasion and thus you should wear Indian ethnic.
    Styling solid color silk kurtas with light shade of pajama is the classic outfit idea you can option color pathani is the evergreen look for any occasion. if you want to experiment with your ethnic look go for good color contrast of your pathani top wear and bottom wear.
 Note : never style your ethnic outfit with sneakers, thus  mojaris & juttis is the right footwear to be styled

Ethnic Diwali Outfit

  • Indo-western Diwali outfits for men's.
    If you don’t want to wear ethnic wear than indo-western is the best option for you. Go for Nehru jacket on shirt and trouser but make sure the color combination matches each other and to even your skin tone. Nehru jacket with solid colour shirt is the best combination. You can style your Nehru jacket with jeans to keep it more casual and classy. You can also style your kurta with denim to keep it casual yet ethnic. At the footwear go for loafers or dress shoes as they will make you stand you in crowd.

 Indo-western Wear
Indo-Western Diwali Outfits

  •         Minimal Diwali outfits for men’s.
    Not everyone likes to be dressed ethnic, some like simple & minimal looks. For those who don’t want to go for the above mentioned outfits but still want to fashion up outfit for celebration in best look they can try out some of these ideas.
    Style your Chinese collar shirts with good shade of chinos or trousers. While shopping, try to look for shirts with some Indian ethnic prints or regular printed shirts to maintain your Diwali look and make sure you don’t purchase a shirt & bottom which is formal in looks as it may seems you are going for an interview. Style your footwear with your outfit which is suitable to complete your look.
Minimal Diwali Outfits

Tips Men should follow for Diwali styling.
  1. Never go for Diwali party in ripped jeans & T-shirts as it is too casual for the occasion.
  2. Make sure your kurta has a good neckline and good fit as it enhances the look.
  3. Go for bold dark color like red, orange, black & blue while styling yourself.
  4. Don’t wear too skinny outfits as it can spoil your ethnic look.
  5. Don’t over accessorize yourself with unwanted accessories.
  6. A Watch is enough to flatter your style.
    Being one of the major traditional festivals, it is a great feeling to be dressed up in Sense Paradise traditional attire at Diwali and enjoy with the family. Go what are you waiting for grab some fashion tips for men for a festive makeover to step out in style this Diwali.

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